Advantages of PIC 18 Series over PIC 16 series

By | December 14, 2013

This is the common question that what are the Advantages of PIC 18 Series over PIC 16 series ? why should we use PIC 18 rather PIC 16 ?The PIC 18 Series  microcontrollers dramatically enhance the PIC core, making it suitable for advanced embedded projects. Despite many features which are new, it has been designed to make upwards migration from a 16 Series device easy, so that the designer making this move will find many things which are familiar. So to know the main Advantages of PIC 18 Series over PIC 16 series , in bellow i give some point which is similar and new advantages in pic 18 over pic 16.

The principal characteristics we shall see are:

Similar to 16 Series
• RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer), pipelined, 8-bit CPU, with single Working (W) and Status registers
• Many peripherals identical or very similar
• Similar packages and pinouts
• Many Special Function Register (SFR) and bit names unchanged
• All but one of the 16 Series instructions are part of the 18 Series instruction set
• Instruction cycle made up of four oscillator cycles.

New for 18 Series
• The number of instructions more than doubled, with 16-bit instruction word
• Enhanced Status register
• Hardware 8 × 8 multiply
• More external interrupts
• Two prioritised interrupt vectors
• Radically different approach to memory structures, with increased memory size
• Enhanced address generation for program and data memory
• Bigger Stack, with some user access and control
• Phase-locked loop (PLL) clock generator.

Advantages of PIC 18 Series over PIC 16 series

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