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Blind Aid Safety Guard For Visually Impaired by Pic Microcontroller

This project blind aid safety guard for visually impaired by pic microcontroller, is focusing on the detection of object that is in front of the user within the specific distance range which is depending on the type of distance sensor used. In this project, an infrared (IR) distance sensor is going to be used. The signaling mean of the walking stick is a microcontroller and sound is produced using two buzzers of different frequency which detects obstacles and give the direction of movement to be made.

In our project we are detecting an object/obstacle based on its alert instance from the person using sound alarm from a buzzer will alert the user about the object and the person can avoid the object safely without hitting the object.

blind aid a safety guard for visually impaired by pic microcontroller

The main devices and software’s are as follows:

  1. IR Transceiver Sensor
  2. PIC Microcontroller
  3. Buzzer
  4. Proteus Design Suite
  5. MikroC PRO for PIC

IR Transceiver Sensor:

An infrared transceiver, or IR transceiver, is capable of both sending and receiving infrared data. In other words an IR transceiver is a transmitter and a receiver housed together in one single unit and having circuitry in common. IR transceivers are often used for portable or mobile use. Some transceivers can do both functions at the same time, while other transceivers can only do one function at a time. The device may either have a focused beam, thus requiring it to be in a precise position in order to function properly, or it may be a broader beam, depending on the applications that it is designed for.

blind aid a safety guard for visually impaired by pic microcontroller

Detecting Obstacle with IR (Infrared) Sensor

The basic concept of IR (infrared) obstacle detection is to transmit the IR signal(radiation) in a direction and  a signal is received  at the IR receiver when the IR radiation bounces back  from a surface of the object. ir work

Here in the figure the object can be anything which has certain shape and size, the IR LED transmits the IR signal on to the object and the signal is reflected back from the surface of the object. The reflected signals is received by an IR receiver. The IR receiver can be a photodiode / phototransistor or a readymade module which decodes the signal.

In bellow I just give you the circuit Diagram of that project “blind aid a safety guard for visually impaired by pic microcontroller”


blind aid a safety guard for visually impaired by pic microcontroller

Here you find the complete C Code written in MiKroc pro for Pic for project blind aid safety guard for visually impaired by pic microcontroller.

Embedded C Code
// Name : LDR Based Line follower Robot Car using PIC Microcontroller

// Author : Subham Dutta
// Date : 29-08-14
// Website :
Void main()
trisb=1; // port b input
trisd=0; //port d output
portd=0;if (portb=0b00000001)
portd=0d00000010; //LED connected to pin 1 will glow
}if (portb=0b00000000)
Portd=0d00000001; //LED connected to pin 0 will glow

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