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List of IIT and NIT for M-Tech

I want to help every student who are plan to get admission in M-Tech, providing  List of IIT and NIT for M-Tech. Most of all IIT’s has full time and part time M-Tech for GATE qualified and NON GATE. Here you find all IIT and NIT with their official website please visit their site for full and right information.

IIT Bombay                   

IIT Guwahati                

IIT Kanpur                    

IIT Kharagpur              

IIT Madras                    

IIT Delhi                        

IIT Roorkee                  

NIT Trichy                    

NIT Warangal              

NIT Suratkal                

NIT Jamshedpur         

NIT Bhopal                   

NIT Allahabad             

NIT  Calicot                  

NIT Durgapur             

NIT Kurukhatra         

NIT Jaipur                   

NIT Nagpur                 

NIT Raurkela              

NIT Srinagar               

NIT Surat                    

NIT Silchar                  

NIT Hamirpur            

NIT Jalandhar            

NIT Pandichary         

NIT Dalhi                    

NIT Agartala              

NIT Patna                   

NIT Raipur                 

I make this list with help of google if you find any clarification need please post reply here .

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