Speech Recognized Intelligent Robot

Here you see very good and exciting project speech recognized intelligent robot. Implementing robotics is nothing but encouraging automation. Robots are known to perform tasks automatically along with the knowledge of human intervention as for initial programming and instructions given to them should be in accordance to the requirement of the users. Controlling a robot …

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Arduino based digital thermometer

Once again, we come with a new project that is Arduino based digital thermometer. So we are in very first step forward toward analogue sensor interfacing with Arduino. Thermometer basically is a temperature measuring instrument. By using this we create very simple and interesting Arduino project that is “arduino based digital thermometer”. It can measure …

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Arduino serial communication

Here I come with the new and very important topic that is arduino serial communication. So before go farther we should know something about what is serial communication? We know the term communication refer to the information shearing between two devices. It can be done by two method. Parallel communication:    Data or information send parallel …

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