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Speech Recognition Android App Making using mit app inventor

Here you can see very good and interesting android app making project that is speech recognition android app making using mit app inventor. In my previous post Speech Recognized Intelligent Robot , you may see that what is the role of speech recognition android app ? Now in this post we will see how we can build speech recognition android app making using mit app inventor.

Software requirement

For this project we only need MIT APP INVENTOR 2. And as we know, we can use mit app inventor completely online mode. We do not any thing to download. And we not need any background programming knowledge. If you are first time work with mit app inventor environment then I suggest you please visit my post that is “How to make your own android apps without programming“.

Speech Recognition Android App Making using mit app inventor

Speech Recognized Intelligent Robot

Now you can see how easily we build our project with mit app inventor.I  made  it  a simple two screen app.Firstly, at first screen it shows the project name and creator details. And it also have ” Press To Start” button. It has  work to open second screen. For that we use simple block programming.




Secondly, when the second screen open it shows mainly three things.

Speech Recognition Android App Making
  1. Bluetooth Status
  2. Bluetooth Connect button
  3. Speak button
  4. Bluetooth Client ( Hidden Object )
  5. Clock  ( Hidden Object )
  6. Notifier ( Hidden Object )
  7. Speech Recognizer ( Hidden Object )
Bluetooth Status

It is a level which we use for showing the status of bluetooth connection. If it is connected then the message shows Connected. Or it is not connected to any device then it shows message Not Connected.

Bluetooth Connect button

This is actually List Picker. It has work to show us list of bluetooth devices available at our near by. And we can very easily select our bluetooth device and press it for making connection.

Speak button

It is a simple button. We use it our project to activate the Speech Recogniser module.

Bluetooth Client

Bluetooth Client has a spacial task in our project. It can create serial communication between our android app and any bluetooth device. One thing you may notice that it is a hidden object. it can not visible but work from behind.


It take vital role in our project. Because at every specified time interval bluetooth client search whether any message is come for sending or not.


In this project, we can use notifier to notify us that which speech it recognized.

Speech Recognizer

So finally, we come to main block of our project. It convert speech to text. For that it access phone microphone and we have to allow the access.

Different programming Blocks of our project speech recognition android app making using mit app inventor
Speech Recognition Android App Making

Now we can see step by step of different programming blocks. First we concentrate on bluetooth connection. And making pairing with nearby bluetooth device. How those blocks are work?

  • It check your mobile bluetooth is on or not?
  • you can see the near by bluetooth devices.
  • Finally we can pair with other device.
  • The clock module is every time check the status.

   Now we see how speech recognition block work?

Click to larger image view

When we speak with pressing the speak button then the speak recognition module activated. And when it got text it save it at Global variable naming Saktiman. As well as it display the text at notifier area. As per our project logic we match the text with our logical feed and if it match then send alphabet via bluetooth.

  You can also play the recorded audio without sending it to bluetooth. So you can use it as your project needs.



Here you see complete video of our project speech recognition android app making using mit app inventor

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