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Ports in 8051 microcontroller

To work with 8051 microcontroller we should have complete knowledge about ports in 8051 microcontroller. We have to clear some basic question like how can we use different ports of 8051 microcontroller? How can we configure them? will we use every ports for every works? What are the special functions we can done by using… Read More »

LED blinking using timer0 of pic16f877 microcontroller

Here I discuss very good knowledge based project LED blinking using timer0 of pic16f877 microcontroller. You can see in my Earlier project “Simple Project on LED blinking by PIC 16 Microcontroller” where I have used delay program for LED blinking.  For my previous LED blinking project, we have to call inbuilt/external delay program. But in… Read More »

Timer Modules in pic16f877 microcontroller

To be a successful programmer and working with PIC16f877, we should need clear idea on timer modules in pic16f877 microcontroller. By using this internal timer which is inbuilt in pic16f877 IC, we can do lots of work quite easily. Basically in 16F877 microcontroller has three timer modules. Those are (1)      Timer 0   (2)       Timer… Read More »

Addressing Modes of pic microcontroller

To know the working principal and data handling, we need to have clear knowledge on addressing modes of pic microcontroller. Now we can see that how we can categorise different addressing modes of pic microcontroller. In PIC micro controller, it having mainly five addressing modes. Those are 1. Immediate addressing mode 2. Register operand addressing mode 3. Memory… Read More »

Difference between von neumann architecture and harvard architecture of microcontroller

To know the working principle of a microcontroller we should know difference between von neumann architecture and harvard architecture of microcontroller. Depending upon the data fetching and programming code fetching technique, we can divide the Architecture of microcontroller in two types 1)     Von-Neumann architecture 2)     Harvard Architecture Now to discuss on Difference between von neumann… Read More »

What is a Microcontroller ?

To work with Microcontroller atfirst we should clear our doubt on what is a microcontroller ? And to clear the answer we should know A microcontroller, or MCU, is a computer implemented on a single very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuit. In addition to those components contained in a microprocessor, an MCU also contains some of the… Read More »

Comparison between different PIC Families

To work with Pic microcontroller we should know some background of PIC Family and Comparison between different PIC Families. First of all we should know PIC was introduced by Microchip and they offer five main families of microcontrollers. For same family there has different of microcontroller with different IC number but all different number Micro… Read More »