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Specification for Bolted joints

In my previous post “Bolted joints in steel structures” I discussed about what is Bolted joint? What are the types of Bolted joint? And which joint is better and which joint is more desirable among all the joints in steel structure? Now I entering little bit deep on that and start discussion on specification for… Read More »

Bolted joints in steel structures

Here I start discussion  on bolted joints in steel structures. I think it will help to give you clear concept on bolted joints in steel structures. There are two types of bolted joint. Those are         1.Lap joint.          2.Butt joint. Now we should go foreword to know this two type… Read More »

Introduction to Civil Engineering and its prospect

If we want to give some introduction to civil engineering and its prospect then we have to discuss from very beginning. From the concept of philosophy the important theory that is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory told that the basic needs which are required for a human to live in this world are physiological need then safety need and… Read More »