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e-Counselling is the most important process for your carier so fill with very carefully with full of information . here we give IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON E-COUNSELLING OF WBJEE go through it . Do your homework before feeling form you may consult with expert or post here to get answer. If you feel the from mistakenly with no homework then you may not get your desired collage although you got good rank so very carefull.

1. Roll back : After registration, if any data correction is required to be made by the Board on the basis of the prayer of the candidate, in such case the candidate needs re-registration after roll back. No further bank fees is required to be deposited, the earlier Bank transaction ID is still valid for re-registration.

2. Password : The candidate are advised to keep self generated ‘Password’ in safe place and may try to memorize it. Don’t divulge it to any second person.

3. Locking: After thorough checking, the locking to be done .

4. TFW : TFW facility will not be given to a candidate who did not mentioned it during filling up the Application Form of JEM.

5. Minor Mistake : Henceforth, correction of any minor mistake like spelling mistake of candidate’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, etc. would not be entertained by the Board. These corrections will be done in the Reporting Centre during the period of
reporting after 1st round of counselling.

6. Correction in database : Any correction/change made by the Board on the basis of the applicant’s prayer is purposive and might not be reflected in the rank sheet shown in the or any other recognized websites till date, but it would be reflected in the NIC data base.

7. Category change: In case of change of category like- SC/ST/PC/TFW during counselling period, no rank would be shown, but the fitment of rank of the concerned candidate would automatically be incorporated in respect of general rank and he/she will enjoy the benefit of category accordingly.

8. Last date of Correction : Remember Last date of correction will mention so do before that. 

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Subham Dutta

Subham Dutta

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