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Step by step Project guide on PIC Microcontroller

Today I start this topic Step by step Project guide on PIC Microcontroller to help all engineering student who want to do their final year project on PIC Microcontroller. We nbcafe team start this to guide only ,not for selling our project. You just spend thousands of money to the different training program for learn to build project on PIC Microcontroller. I think after go through my post and just follow my past and future post you not need to spend money to lean Step by step Project guide on PIC Microcontroller.

Step by step Project guide on PIC Microcontroller.

To start project with PIC Microcontroller you need some knowledge on Embedded C. But follow my posts you see how easy to build a small project with minimum knowledge on embedded C.  You need to installed two software to start with

1 Proteus 7 Professional

2 Mikcro C .

Proteus 7 Professional is very useful software where you can easily simulate any project of PIC Microcontroller. It is very easy to handle and user friendly software. Here I give you the screen shot of Proteus 7 professional.

 Step by step Project guide on PIC Microcontroller

Mikcro C is a software for embedded C . You can write your Embedded c program in here, compile it and also build the hex file of your program easily. The hex file is very important because microcontroller only understand hex not c language. So to burn your Microcontroller IC and also to run your simulation on Proteus 7 Professional you need Hex file of your program so Mikcro C is essential Software for you. I give you the screen shot of Mikro c software also.

Mikcro C


Please installed those and start to build your project with us. We will start to guide with basic input output program so you can learn easily then go for some interesting project.

See the project list and learn:

Simple Project on LED blinking by PIC 16 Microcontroller

Displaying text on LCD by interfaced with PIC16F877 microcontroller in 4 bit mode

Scrolling Text on LCD by PIC Microcontroller

Project on making calculator using PIC16F877 and Mikcro C Pro

Lm35 interfacing with pic 16f877 through adc0808

Serial communication with Pic 16f877 using UART

Automated Railway Gate Controlled by PIC16F877A

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Subham Dutta

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