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What are the parameter to think for selecting a Engineering Colleges for Admission

Hi friend it is the very tough time and you have to invest your time to think What are the parameter to think for selecting a Engineering Colleges for Admission ?

Admission in B Tech in Engineering collage is now very easy but all college are not build your path of future . After getting admission you just think and think for whole life that why i not investing time before selecting a college for admission ?

WE nbcafe team try to Help you some what,  to giving parameter to check before taking admission.

  • AICTE Approval : It is main criteria to check before take admission because in India technical degree without AICTE Approval is worthless .
  • Faculty Profile : Faculty are the main maker of your carrier so please check their profile before take admission in collage . Department should have at-list one or two Phd. You can check it through their website.
  • Campus Interview : It is another prime criteria every one should want after completing B-tech Job in their hand. So fro their official website see that record .
  • Labs Setup : If it is possible visit colleges and see the lab setup is their have enough instrument to conduct lab or if they running any govt sponsor project or any private sponsor project then it is ok on their Lab. because without proper lab they can not get sponsor project.

And rest of thing depend on your luck .And we hope you should do home work before take admission.

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Subham Dutta

Subham Dutta

Hi myself Subham Dutta, having 15+ years experience in filed of Engineering. I love to teach and try to build foundation of students. Try to make them imagine what they learn.

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